Supplier Quality Engineer

Job Description

The Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) is responsible and accountable for supplier quality part approvals. SQE performs APQP required activities and PPAP reviews at supplier’s manufacturing plants. SQE approves part submission warrants, process control plans, equipment and process capability studies and PFMEA documents for parts and assemblies. Responsible for delivering the quality functions within the 5-gate approval process.  SQE is considered a subject matter expert in the field of quality assurance. Responsible for implementing ISO 9001 2015 to meet company objectives.


Duties and Responsibilities


·         Responsible for internal quality activities to ensure finished products are properly inspected and the associated manufacturing processes are properly designed, analyzed, and validated. 

·         Responsible for developing and implementing ISO 9001 per company implementation plan.

·         Coordinate zero hour failure re-works both internally and externally, locally or at supplier location to insure quality compliance

·         Identify, Validate, and Track product in field reworks to ensure 100% capture rate or re-work.

·         Review, prepare, enhance, present, and approve all quality documents and processes related to supplier quality management and make recommendations for improvements

·         Identify repetitive failures and other problems that adversely affect Service Operations, develop and implement operational processes and procedures for resolution.  To fulfill this responsibility the SQC applies data analysis techniques to measure the effectiveness and reports to management their results.

·         Create reports of quality control tests and analyze the data to determine if improvements in process are necessary

·         Develop and implement quality improvement activities and policies for internal use

·         Establish level of PPAP submission that is appropriate for a given change or deviation

·         Develops and prioritizes an auditing schedule to ensure that designated suppliers are audited on a regular basis to ensure good manufacturing practices (GMP) and quality standards are met.

·         Conduct APQP quality audits at supplier’s manufacturing location

·         Inspect and audit suppliers manufacturing line for flaws and defects

·         Approve supplier’s quality process within the established 5-gate project approval process



Education and Training


·         Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

·         3-5 Supplier quality years’ experience with supplier quality management

·         Green Belt Certification required, Black Belt Certification required or able to obtain within first year

·         1-3 years ISO 9001 development and/or implementation is required

·         Thorough knowledge of APQP Process and Supplier quality management functions

·         Working knowledge of all industry standard measurement and failure analysis tools such as Six Sigma, Wiebull analysis, PFMEA, Fishbone, 5-why, and lean principles

·         ISO 9001 development and implementation experience


Job Requirements

  • Participate in supplier quality and supplier corrective action process
  • Improve supplier product and process quality
  • Determine root cause and corrective actions
  • Investigate root cause and corrective actions
  • Resolve supplier quality related issues
  • Manage corrective action and quality improvement activities
  • Perform root cause analysis of product quality issues
  • Determine root cause and corrective action plans
  • Implement and verify corrective actions of supplier quality issues
  • Resolving customer quality issues and driving root cause and corrective action on process and product quality issues
  • Obtain corrective actions from suppliers
  • Accomplish internal quality system audits
  • Identify root cause analysis and establish corrective actions
  • Manage the supplier corrective action report
  • Conduct internal quality process and product audits
  • Improve product quality and manufacturing processes
  • Identify repeat quality issues by supplier and maintain supplier quality scorecard
  • Assist supplier quality manager with supplier improvement process and/or development activities
  • Lead or assist in root cause corrective actions
  • Lead quality problem solving process for supplier related issues