Project Manager/Senior Data Analyst - 235-PS1499; 1/25/21 6:00 pm


Job Description

Senior Data Analyst and Project Manager The Department of Facilities is seeking a data analyst/project manager to support COVID-19 databases for the schools reopening plan to include but not limited to:

● Develop business requirements for a centralized data management system for facility and warehouse COVID19 data related to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Supplies.

● Develop a data-driven mechanism to track, assess and analyze school data for PPE and Supplies.

● Assist with the requirements and development of reporting to Facilities, Schools and relevant stakeholders. COVID-19 has impacted our schools and the way we operate. We have had to adjust how we teach, learn, engage, and prepare our schools to reopen to ensure all occupants are safe. New standards, policies, and guidance have been prepared and will require data collection, entry and analytics to provide stakeholders actionable information and measure mission success.

Project scope statement

● Develop and maintain the COVID19 database using current tools to capture facility and COVID19 related information. o Data validation - Assessment results, delivery of items, inventory, and management

● Facilitate discussions among stakeholders and communicate resolution

● Assist in connecting and modeling organization and operational data to identify and support enterprise, partner, and customer needs

Job Requirements