Bridgeport's main claim to fame is U.S. Cellular Field (home to the Chicago White Sox and the former site of the legendary Comiskey Park). In addition to its Major League notoriety, the Bridgeport neighborhood holds a place in the heart of our local politicians seeing as five city mayors have resided in the area at one point or another, including our current city leader Richard M. Daley.

With a professional sporting venue like U.S. Cellular Field, it's easy to overlook Bridgeport's smaller recreational lots. However, there are many noteworthy parks in this Chicago neighborhood that cater to Bridgeport residents and certainly deserve a mention. McGuane Park, for one, is a great place to challenge a friend to a tennis match or go solo to the fitness center for your daily workout on the treadmill. Also popular among Bridgeport's active set is Wilson Park, which is a quaint little space that offers a variety of camp programs as well as a senior citizens club. But the best of this neighborhood's outdoor locales (next to the field, of course) is Armour Square on Shields Avenue. Named after the Armour brothers, who once owned Chicago's largest meatpacking plant, this famous spot was designed in 1905 by the world-renowned team of Burnham and Olmsted (they helped with all that World's Fair stuff). This large green space offers some of Bridgeport's best recreational amenities including basketball courts, walking trails, baseball diamonds, a fitness center and a community meeting room.

When visiting (or living in) a neighborhood so steeped in baseball culture, you've got to have some American-fueled restaurants that measure up. Thankfully, Bridgeport does so with its popular Parkside Café. This place serves some of the best burgers on Chicago's south side. Unfortunately, it's no secret anymore-so if you're craving the stuff on a game day, you'd better get there long before first pitch! Another Bridgeport neighborhood staple is Punky's Pizza and Pasta on South Wallace Street. The pies here are so huge it takes about five cops just to finish one (literally, the local officers frequent Punky's).

Bridgeport's residential streets are lined with old and new architecture from ornate vintage churches to contemporary condos. You'll find a pleasing mix of apartments, low-rise flats and two and three story walk-ups. A number of blocks make room for smaller houses and private homes as well. You can nestle into a one-bedroom condo in Bridgeport for about $215,000. But if you're budget surpasses the $300,000 mark, you'll have plenty of two and three bedroom places to choose from. Average-sized single-family detached homes here can range anywhere from $200,000 to $700,000. And Bridgeport even has a limited market for larger houses that will put home buyers past the million-dollar price point.

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