McKinley Park

Any guesses where this neighborhood got its historic moniker? If you guessed America's 35th president, William McKinley, you're absolutely right! Store that trivia away and join us for a tour of McKinley Park, a Chicago community steeped in working-class tradition (thanks to an influx of Irish laborers during the mid-1800s) that continues to house a population of hardworking Chicagoans who enjoy the area's sprawling parks, thriving business district and affordable real estate.

When McKinley Park residents aren't busy working, they're probably hanging out at one of the neighborhood's public recreation spots. The most popular is McKinley Park's 69-acre namesake lot, located in the southwest corner of the community. The grounds have everything you'd expect from walking trails and picnic areas to delightfully unexpected amenities like wildlife and a lagoon. But just because McKinley Park has it all, doesn't mean we should overlook the neighborhoods other communal green spaces. Hoyne Playground Park is a great spot to play baseball, softball and soccer and also offers summer camp programs for kids. The whole family can enjoy an evening at Hoyne by catching a free flick, as part of the Park District's "Movies in the Park" series. Kucinski-Murphy Park, also known as 33rd Place Playground, just might have the most to offer the little ones. Think soft surface playlots, swings, and kid-safe jungle-gym equipment. There's also a kiddy spray pool, and here's our favorite part: during the winter the Kucinski-Murphy's field turns into a huge ice skating rink!

After an evening of Olympic-like activity you'll be more than ready to head over to one of the neighborhood's restaurants. And what could be more fitting than a steamy bowl of chili after all those twirls and tricks on the ice? Lindy's Chili and Gertie's Ice cream has just the thing, with its thick-sliced tomato chili (with or without beans). The place is the perfect go-to in the warmer months, too, with its attached old-school ice cream parlor and to-die-for floats! Also, a fond favorite for satiating the sweet tooth is Huck Finn Donuts and Snack Shop, where you can get your fix around the clock. This 24-hour joint focuses on our favorite comfort foods like big round doughnuts with coffee and meaty burgers with piles and piles of fries. If you're tastebuds are into Asian cuisine, try Buddha's Chop Suey. The family-owned restaurant has some of Chicago's most affordable Chinese cuisine with entrees averaging $6.

It's not just the food that's reasonably priced in this family-focused Chicago community, the housing is something of a steal, too. From new structures and spacious townhomes to century-old architecture and smaller apartment complexes, there's a place and a price range for every budget in McKinley Park. One bedroom condos, ideal for those living the single life (or couples who don't mind close quarters) tend to have price tags in the low $200,000s. But if you've got the time to scour the neighborhood, you can find a few places in the high-hundred-thousand-dollar range. Larger two and three bedroom units generally have an average sales price of around $275,000 and up. Home buyers looking for something that the whole family can nestle into are in luck with McKinley Park's great selection of detached homes. These dwellings can range anywhere from under $100,000 to $400,000. And if you've got the cash to throw-down, there are a few century-old historic homes here appraised for $1 million.

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