Budlong Woods

Budlong Woods


It’s a neighborhood that’s as pleasantly charming as it sounds – with trees lining the streets, scenic riverside landscapes and a culturally-diverse collection of residents. Budlong Woods has grown to become the ideal neighborhood for raising a family or simply enjoying the quieter side of city life. The western side is beautifully bordered by the Chicago River, while to the east it’s bordered by Western Avenue, by Bryn Mawr Avenue to the north and Foster to the south.

Budlong Woods has perhaps one of the most unique histories among Chicago neighborhoods, as it was originally known for (and was eventually named for) pickle farmers. Lyman and Joseph Budlong farmed cucumbers in the area and, in 1857, as non-native settlers began to arrive in search of work, they founded the Budlong Pickle Farm and Factory. It served as one of the neighborhoods five largest employers until 1908.

Over the course of several decades, Budlong Woods continuously grew, due largely to immigration numbers and the arrival of public transit, and gave rise to a sea of red-brick bungalows, large apartment buildings and various-sized flats. The neighborhood is still home to great ethnic diversity, boasting populations of Germans, Greeks and Koreans, among others.

Current real estate includes those bungalows and apartment buildings built after WWII, as well as several newly developed frame cottages, single-family homes and converted condos. Unlike most other Chicago neighborhoods, Budlong Woods boasts lush lawns, enormous trees and gardening plots. A typical three-bedroom, single-family home in this area sells for approximately $330,000 on the low end and up to $670,000 on the higher end.

Complementing its area parks and attractive homes, Budlong Woods also features a thriving dining scene, such as you would expect in the city’s best neighborhoods. Reflecting its inner ethnic diversity, the neighborhood features Greek dining at Hub’s Restaurant, Colombian baked goods at Mekato’s Bakery and even Bosnian cuisine at Bel Ami.

Budlong Woods is a commuter’s delight, with options for those traveling by car, bicycle or public transit. The CTA’s #11 bus takes residents to three different train stops and downtown Chicago, and those commuting on their own are a mere three miles from Lake Shore Drive and are even closer to the Edens Expressway (I-94).

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