You wouldn't expect anything less than good-looking homes and scenic residential blocks from a neighborhood whose name quite literally means "beautiful" (in Spanish). Attractive landscape is important to potential home buyers, but Hermosa has the whole package, including several schools, pint-size playlots, community organizations, local services and stores - not to mention a healthy dining scene with some of the tastiest food offerings this side of the border (there's a lot of Mexican restaurants in Hermosa).

Neighborhood life in Hermosa is anchored by Hermosa Park, located on North Kilbourn Avenue near the northern edge of the community. Residents are welcome to use the tennis courts, jogging paths and walking trails, or just relax on a bench and enjoy being outside. The park's fieldhouse is pretty old (it has been around since 1927) but it's still used today for a slew of athletics and recreational activities. One of the reasons Hermosa Park is such a beloved part of the community culture here is its extensive list of summer programs that allow Hermosa's youth to participate in team sports and fun events including the Cubs Care Rookie Baseball camp.

Another favorite outdoor spot in Hermosa is the Henry Greenbaum Playlot Park on West Wabansia Avenue. This place was built about a decade after the neighborhood's namesake lot. The Greenbaum lot is where local sports fans gather to partake in summer camps and make good use of the park's baseball facilities. And let's not forget about Deystone Playlot Park on Keystone Avenue. Built after World War II when population levels in Chicago skyrocketed, the grounds took shape because the number of residents in the city grossly outweighed the amount of open green space available to the public. So Deystone was created to offer local families a place to get some exercise and enjoy the weather. Today, Hermosa residents with young kids love this lot for its clean and safe playgrounds, but we've found the huge sandbox is what really keeps the little ones entertained.

Surrounding Hermosa's designated public recreation areas are rows upon rows of residential streets, all lined with nice single-family homes and pristine front lawns. You'll find plenty of brick ranches and bungalows, as well as a selection of classic two-story constructions and newer condominiums. The private yards here make it easier to postpone those trips to the park until the weekends because there is enough room for Junior (and Fido for that matter) to play in the safety of your own property. Hermosa's housing market also extends to the busier main streets where vintage lofts and apartments are situated above commercial businesses - no big backyards with these, but plenty of charm to make up for that.

So just how much does it cost to buy a home in Chicago's definition of beauty? Typically, a three-bedroom detached home ranges from the mid $200,000s to the mid $300,000s, with some rare finds just below $200,000 here or there. Condos and lofts generally have less space but are more affordable with an average sales price around $180,000.

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