Sheridan Park

Sheridan Park

Seven miles might seem like a hike to and from the Loop, but the Red Line train that runs through this Chicago neighborhood makes it easy to reach downtown in one straight shot. Though once you begin discovering the vibrant community of Sheridan Park, you’ll be less likely to head toward Chicago’s core when you want a night out.

For such a small spot, Sheridan Park has an unexpected energetic night scene. You can check out African-American translations of classic films at the Black Ensemble Theater or catch a concert at the Riveria Theatre. Once a cinema for the Balaban & Kataz chain, the Riveria now boasts a serious rock vibe with its line-up of (mostly local) indie musicians. Another popular spot with Sheridan Park residents, especially those in the mood for a little karaoke, is Carol’s Pub. Just be ready to belt out the country-western tunes at this 4 a.m. bar.

Sheridan Park

If elegant dining is more your style, check out Magnolia Cafe. Offering contemporary American fare in an understated, yet upscale setting; it’s by far Sheridan Park’s most popular restaurant. You can also find cheap Thai food at Thai on Clark and grab a latte on your way to work at the neighborhood Starbuck’s. If you’d rather support a local brew, there are plenty of independent options within walking distance of Sheridan Park in the surrounding neighborhoods.

When at the southern edge of this Chicago community, you can’t help but notice the sprawling grounds of Graceland Cemetery on the other side of Montrose Avenue. This burial ground has been around since the mid 1800s and today it’s one of Chicago’s most famous. It’s not just locals who enjoy taking long walks in this intricately landscaped spot; many tourists make it a point to stop by to see the tombstones of Chicago’s very own Marshall Field, Louis Sullivan and Potter Palmer. 

With property so close to the lake, or right alongside it if you’re lucky, it’s easy to find an assortment of outdoor activities. Parks and beaches with bike paths, volleyball courts and dog-walking trails are just a few options in this Chicago neighborhood. Dog owners will take delight in the Susan Kimmelman Off-Leash Dog Beach, where our four-legged furry friends can play in the sand and water to release all that leashed-up energy.

Near these parks and beaches, you’ll find rows of historic single-family homes and mid-rise condos. The residential blocks are dotted with quaint courtyards and patches of greenery. One-bedroom condos range from $100,000 to $200,000 while single-family homes go for a whopping $900,000. And then of course there are Sheridan Park’s vintage mansions, which sell for well over a million.

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