Belmont Terrace

Belmont Terrace

Chicago has over 180 individual neighborhoods, so it’s not surprising there are some that fly under the radar. Belmont Terrace is one of those lesser known places that most people would struggle to point out on a map. Besides being small in land area, Belmont Terrace is a quiet community about as far west as you can get and still be within city limits. It’s tucked between Belmont Heights, Irving Woods (another little known Chicago neighborhood) and the suburban landscape of River Grove.

As can be expected from Chicago’s less prominent boroughs, Belmont Terrace is primarily a residential area with a few commercial developments along its main streets. It houses a fine selection of single-family homes and traditional bungalow dwellings, as well as some low-rise apartment buildings and other multiunit residences. Cumberland Avenue marks the neighborhood’s western edge. It stretches east to Pacific Avenue, south to Belmont Avenue and north to Addison Street.

Due to its outlying location, public transportation is less available in Belmont Terrace. You’ll find bus lines are the prominent form of mass transit in this next of the woods. Hop on the Belmont or Addison bus to head east where you can pick up the Blue Line L trains in Avondale Park. The Blue Line takes you directly downtown or out to O’Hare International Airport (for further away destinations).

Just east of Belmont Terrace is the 12-acre public recreation area of Hiawatha Park. Although it is technically located in Belmont Heights neighborhood, the park is still a much-appreciated resource for the residents of Belmont Terrace as well. It has several baseball fields and tennis courts, plus playground equipment and room to run around. There is also a nice indoor exercise facility and gym where locals can participate in year-round activities.  

Belmont Terrace also borders the Chevalier Woods Forest Preserve, a huge undeveloped area that boasts nature trails, picnicking, bird-watching and other beloved recreational pastimes. Another perk – Belmont Terrace is just across Cumberland Avenue from the sprawling 18-hole Indian Boundary Golf Course. Indian Boundary was recently redesigned by one of the sport’s famed course architects, Dick Nugent. The forested setting makes for a beautiful backdrop with thick tree lines, tricky sand traps, and picturesque yet pesky water hazards. Total yardage varies between 4,653 and 6,068 for the different tees, which have ratings of 66.0 (for red), 65.8 (for white) and 68.6 (for blue). As a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, Indian Boundary Golf Course is also concerned with protecting the environment and natural habitats of local wildlife.