Edgebrook is a peaceful bedroom community located on the city’s far Northwest Side. It has a healthy business district comprised mainly of family-run shops and long-established companies who have been in the neighborhood for years. In addition to a tight-knit local economy, Edgebrook enjoys a picturesque setting next door to acres of wooded forest preserves and popular suburban Chicago centers like Skokie and Lincolnwood.

Long before Edgebrook became the leafy green residential neighborhood it is today, the surrounding territory was occupied by Potowatomi Indians who used the land as hunting grounds. Now the area is recognized as one of Chicago’s surprisingly un-urban neighborhoods, due to the extra-large lot sizes, big front yards and wildlife—yes, deer and other woodland creatures are common in this almost pastoral city neighborhood.  

Edgebrook is full of “lifers”. A number of shop owners have been around for decades and generations of residents have raised families here. It’s not hard to find someone who grew up in the neighborhood and now lives just blocks from their childhood house. Edgebrook’s older residential streets are balanced with a growing inventory of new construction homes. These developments have popped up in recent years, offering beautifully-designed single-family dwellings that boast a variety of architectural styles and sometimes as much as three times more outdoor space than the typical Chicago property.

For a bite to eat or a bit of window shopping, there’s only one place to go in Edgebrook—Devon Avenue. The majority of local merchants are found within a three-block stretch of Devon Avenue, spilling over onto Central and Caldwell avenues as well. This bustling commercial strip has a decidedly small-town feel and down-home atmosphere, bolstered by familiar faces and friendly neighbors around every corner. It offers everything from restaurants and pubs to boutique clothiers and grocery markets.  

Across Caldwell Avenue the storefronts and streets give way to dense forest and nature trails. The popular North Branch Bike Trail starts here, winding through the woods and connecting up with other nearby paths. It is this huge expanse of untouched greenery that makes Edgebrook such a unique place to live. And still, the neighborhood is less than 30 minutes from the Loop with a quick ride on Metra’s Milwaukee North District Line train or a rare traffic-free drive down the Edens Expressway, which is accessible at Edgebrook’s southern tip. 

Lush green landscapes, bustling local business district, easy access to downtown and more space than many suburbs enjoy… Edgebrook is truly an unexpected sanctuary—and possibly one of Chicago’s best kept secrets.